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Mercedes-Benz SLR mclaren

2008 Mercedes-Benz SLR mclaren Review
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2008 Mercedes-Benz SLR mclaren ReviewMercedes-Benz offers a very good way of its own, the SL, this year celebrates its 50 birthday .. Rates start from $ 96,000 to $ 188,000, for the performance SL65 AMG model comes with a supercharged engine V12. Mercedes also has a deep-rooted technical partnership with mclaren Technologies, which races in Formula One with Mercedes-Benz engine, and from relationships that have been damaged in the Mercedes-Benz SLR mclaren coupe performance and a higher-SLR 722 version of the coupe. The market has said to the two companies are now the most time for Mercedes-Benz roadster, just in time 50. For the anniversary. In round numbers, the price of this amazing roadster will be $ 495,000, with destination and delivery charge of $ 2750.

Mercedes-Benz does not have a rear-engine super-center in the model lineup as Ferrari and Lamborghini and Porsche do, so it has chosen to make, with lots of technical assistance and eventually gathered by mclaren, in English, such a long nose, short-deck front-middle super-machine. Engine built in Germany by Mercedes-Benz in-house high-performance shop, AMG, and sent to England for installation of this very special in the body.

Road agencies that the new right, not a cut-down version of the SLR coupe bodies. They are made entirely of three layers of carbon fiber in mclaren's race shop. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, or CFRP, about five times stronger than steel in crush (or crash) situations, about half the weight. (This is also far more expensive.) One-piece body is then mounted with a large V-shaped aluminum beam structure on each side that attaches to the front of the firewall to bring the engine, transmission, steering and front suspension. Carbon fiber fenders and hood complete the body.

In front of all this, there is elaborately constructed carbon fiber crash bar that can handle large amount of impact, after the disposable cones crumble into dust as the impact lasts. On the back, there are all-aluminum independent suspension system is directly ripped from a car race. No other car in the world is built quite like this, and below it is as beautiful as rough on the outside. The only major panels shared with the scissor-door coupe.

The 626-horsepower 5.5-liter supercharged V8 engine nestles under the long, long hood, breathing directly through the Mercedes-Benz star in the nose of the car, and exhausting through a compact, front-mounted exhaust system that comes through the bottom edges of front fenders. These three things. Works very well for emissions, catalytic converters retain heat. It helps engine breathe better at high rpm. It removes a lot of pipes and mufflers under the car, which has a flat bottom for Aerodynamic purity. Oh, and four, he was the voice that V8 engine very close to the cockpit, where it can be appreciated. Read on for our Driving Impressions to see what we thought all of this
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